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Grab the controls of a Cessna 172 as you take the first steps towards your FAA Private Pilot license. Cadets 16 and older can attend the power section at JFA. Many cadets now start training in the G1000.

2022 Powered Flight Academy Information

June 10-18 2022 (14 students) Power Week 1
June 17-25 2022 (10 students) Power Week 2

You must be 16 years of age or older to attend the power section. The FAA has set a minimum age of 16 to solo a powered aircraft.

Cost- $850

Areas of Operation
    Introduction to Basic Flight Training
    Airplane Design, System, and Theory
    Weather Theory and Reports
    National Airspace System
    Preflight Preparation
    Preflight Procedures
    Airport Operations
    Taxi and Take off
    In-flight and Performance Maneuvers
    Ground Reference Maneuvers
    Emergency Operations
    Postflight Procedures

G1000 is an advanced course that requires successful solo flight training prior to attending JFA

Required Items

  • TSA Proof of Citizenship
  • FAA 3rd Class Medical (If wishing to solo)
  • Student Pilot Certificate (If wishing to solo)

    IF YOU PLAN TO SOLO YOU MUST HAVE A FAA 3rd Class Medical and Student Pilot Certificate. It is highly recommended to get a FAA their Class Medical and Student Pilot Certificate if you plan on continuing flight training once you return home or have already received flight training prior to JFA. If you not plan to solo then this item is not necessary. You MUST apply for your FAA Student Pilot Certificate online with a CFI via IACRA https://iacra.faa.gov/IACRA/Default.aspx

Notice to Student Pilot Applicants

If applying for a student pilot, the applicant must first register and submit an application in IACRA. Submitting an application does not complete it. Only after both the applicant and certifying officer (CFI) have electronically signed, will the application be complete and sent for final processing at the FAA Airman Registry.

    A FAA medical certificate may only be obtained by a FAA Aviation Medical Examiner. You can find your local AME at http://www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator/  If you do not know where to find the nearest FAA medical examiner, ask your local flight school at the local airport. The FAA FSDO will issue a student pilot certificate at no cost (you will need an appointment a head of time so be sure and call a head). There is NO opportunity to obtain a medical while at JFA .

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